Janset Bilgin recommends storing her products with the following instructions in mind so that they look as good as the day you got them.

  • Wear jewelry casually
  • Do not directly expose jewelry to heat or sunlight
  • Keep jewelry dry and wear it after putting on cosmetic (perfume, deodorant, etc.) products
  • Do not wear jewelry in the sea, in the pool, or during physical activities (Chlorine and similar chemicals cause jewelry to tarnish, discolor, break, and have its stones fall out)
  • Keep jewelry away from hard surfaces and metal objects as much as you can in order to prevent it from being scratched, discolored, and having its stones fall out.


  • Because silver jewelry tarnishes faster when exposed to air, you can clean and polish your jewelry with silver cleaning cloths from time to time.
  • Because our diamond products are laid in metal, it is recommended to keep their contact with water at a minimum in order to prevent diamond pieces from tarnishing.


  • It is recommended to keep your jewelry in plastic bags or their original boxes when you are not wearing them.
  • It is recommended to store each product by itself because all metals and stones will easily get scratched when they come into contact with other pieces.
  • In order to avoid tangling the chains, it is recommended to store them horizontally with their clasps closed when you are not wearing them.
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